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Lots of 11's Here... Make A Wish

Updated: Nov 20, 2020

11 people could fit in two cars.

11 people could fit around a dinner table.

1 person could memorize the 10 other's coffee orders.

1 person could take all 11 dogs on a walk.

Obviously, there is a lot that 11 people can do to get to know each other. Some companies have over 50 employees, while others have well over 100. This sense of a community would be drastically different the more people involved.

Division of Labor (DoL) is an 11 person team.

This crew is clearly capable of handling big projects and working swiftly to produce curated content for clients.

The About page is personable and shares lively text. The founder, creative director, and copy editor is also a “dog walker.” The account director is an excel user and labelled as the “calm keeper.” The team’s fantasy football advisor is also the art director. Their copywriter is also a hockey player and “In-N-Out investigator.” Laura is an accounting genius and “wise soul,” Dawn is the operations manager and “skilled in the fine art of ‘getting shit done’” while Regan is the brand strategist and “non-entitled millennial.” Without even viewing their work, any client would connect with at least one person on the team through these descriptions.

My favorite team member is Mort Pistachio. He is the head of the HR department and is the only one in the office with four legs.

Personalized bios are nothing new (of course), but I believe they are vital to a company of this size.

DoL was busy over quarantine creating gifs to laugh and share. This is a great idea for free publicity. I have included one below. They extended their reach even more by including designers from Mumbai to help with the project. Here’s a link if you need a new Zoom background:

Another favorite they worked is on a project called Drive Clean Bay Area. With this project they created quick quips encouraging people to drive electric cars. This project (or something very similar) was highlighted by a recent M-School lecturer (Chris Graves possibly?) as a way to capture the audience.

(I really enjoy the blueberry square).

They have a a la carte menu option, which I believe is unique. They specify the different packages for social, digital, and outside campaigns. With their business model, the inclusion of fixed rate projects is an appealing feature. The option to hire freelance talent within an agency is not a new one, but because of the way DoL breaks down each section it is much easier for clients to comprehend. The fact that these top talent workers can be hired by the week or month is also a viable option.

Whoever writes their blog is hilarious. I’ll include this photograph as incentive for you to go read one.

A secret feature (well not anymore) is labelled Potluck.

This is a hidden tab with a coupon for a social ad campaign. I’ll leave the website link below for you to search on your own.

Overall, I believe Division of Labor doles out love.

This agency is the best of small and punctual.

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