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the little gallery project: A Catalyst for Creativity

48 little artists. 67 submissions. 10, 588 impressions. 5 undergraduates. 100% success.

First, I have a question.

Have you ever seen a midterm exam look like this?

Loyola Marymount's M-School team exceeded expectations on all fronts to construct a phenomenal course overflowing with learning opportunities via the multitude of perspectives from passionate people.

Let me explain.

The M-School is a (modern) creative marketing program that involves a two-year schedule of real world material. Created with collaboration as the foundation, this program encapsulates everything from Meltwater training to Q&A sessions with industry leaders. Here are a few of the mentors our professors brought in to share with us:

You may recognize names like Frank Scherma (President and Co-Founder of RadicalMedia), Brent Taylor (Co-Founder of Beyond Meat), or Alysha Light (CEO/Founder of Flight PR and Co-Founder of Joint PR). M-School alums also contributed a substantial amount of time (sweat, tears, but many more laughs) to help our projects make a difference.

The flagship course is called New World Brand Marketing and this is what we saw the very first day of class:

Our group chose to focus on solving the United Nations Sustainability Goal 4: Quality Education. For us, this meant starting with the young people.

We believe the elementary age group of students needed a kickstart, as they had the most to lose during the COVID-19 era of online learning. Little people have big ideas, so we wanted to harness those thought bubbles and push them up into the sky.

Here was our solution:

Our intention was to create a completely immersive experience where kids could explore the gallery, search for their artwork, and be proud to see their names on the wall.

I utilized a program called ArtSteps to create a space for young students to display their creations. This CAD program is equipped with a poly-warehouse software for 3D objects and also includes a comprehensive gamut of textures, colors, and frames for the artwork. In total, I included over 346 individually placed items and so far have over 480 views of the gallery.

Visitors enter the gallery from outside where I included trees, flowers, and our Keith Haring inspired graphics. Walking down the hall you can see I have created 5 colorful rooms with artwork from our participants covering every wall. I have also included darling everyday objects like a minion, spongebob, and gameboy to make the gallery have a fun feel to it. Just like a museum, I included more artwork outside complete with a large swing and dogs - which were obviously essential.

Curious? Take your own tour through the embed gallery below!

We tripled every original goal and learned that teamwork really does make the dream work. The dream being - for children to continue to be excited about sharing their work and maintain involvement in their own community of little artists.

Craving to learn more about how we constructed this project? Click through our website!

You'll find more information about the magic of the M-School here:


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