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Melting Into Information

Updated: Oct 7, 2020

Maybe you have heard about the Hollywood Wax Museum? This is where celebrities are eternalized in their gaudy plastic representations. Imagine if all of them were brought outside in the sun to melt. 

This is exactly what Bob Partington, Zubi, and the CLEO Institute set out to complete. Although the stiff celebs stay perfectly intact in California, wax figures in Florida became puddles in days.

In this era of fake news, it is vital to understand at least one thing:

Climate change is real.

Dr. Rachel Licker explained in a press release from Globe Newswire that, “this year’s global temperature rise is expected to be one of the hottest recorded, manifesting across Florida.”

In order to portray this idea as living and breathing in the world, this team created a series of sculptures out of wax with the intention of watching them melt. As this is a (confusing) point of controversy across the United States, they wanted to make these figurines unavoidable. Partington, actor and artist, added a powerful element that stimulated audiences nation-wide. They succeeded in creating a campaign that was interactive and irrefutable. This element appears only when the figurine is completely melted. Creating an interactive learning environment in public spaces, this team curated a head-on collision with the public and these striking environmental issues. 

The team decided to create these wax representations to be recognizable Florida themes. The Miami-based advertising agency, Zubi, commissioned them and Bob Partington created the sculptures. The first was a lifeguard hut (as commonly found on most beaches). This was installed outside the Frost Museum of Science (pictured above) and represents Florida’s tourism industry. As this one melted it revealed, “More Heat, Less Beaches.” This message starts off this campaign with a powerful and strong suggestion to the public to be aware of how they affect the global rising temperatures. 

The second, pictured above, is a Florida panther and her cub. This is currently melting and the hidden message has not yet been revealed. The last sculpture is set to be displayed next week and will depict a man and his granddaughter. By positioning these sculptures in the path of everyday life, people have no choice but to (again) recognize the cause. This agency did a fabulous job of bringing the multigenerational piece into the campaign as well (with their final sculpture). 

I am (certain) hopeful that this campaign will have a huge impact on the community. Climate change is a very prominent issue and this campaign hits it out of the park in strategy and delivery.

View the Press Release here:

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